The beauty of having a pet can truly only be shared with another pet owner, but an image of that pet can speak volume.  In my head no family portrait is complete without their pet. Animals can have a hard time expressing themselves, especially cats. Therefore I take that into deep consideration and get to know your loving pet to my best ability so that they can be super comfortable with me when I take their picture. I want others to know exactly what is going on, the mood, the personality, everything. I want my pictures to be their voice because they can't tell their own stories.  


The Basics: 

Faryal earned her bachelor's in Psychology and Child Development & Family Relations from NC.

She moved to the DMV area to attend Photography School to become a professional photographer.

It is safe to call her the almost crazy cat lady due to her obsession with anything related to cats and she's a foodie at heart, but with a small appetite.

The Details:

After earning her degree in 2014 she realized she wanted to do nothing with it and then enrolled in a Photography School to take her hobby to the next level.  So she moved to Maryland with her cat as her roommate to make a career out of photography.  With a soft spot in her heart for animals, particularly cats, she has taken her love to the next level.  Her cat-child Katniss has helped her achieve photographing cats to their best potential and bringing personality into the pictures. 

Currently her growing cat-closet consists of a hoodie with a cat on it, a couple of pair of socks with cats over them, t-shirts with cats in jerseys and glasses, and a dress full of mini cats. In her free time, she's always looking at cute places to eat at online, but can never finish her plate.

She combines her degree, her undergoing cat behaviorist training, and compassion to create lifestyle portraits of people and pets.

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